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Advertise types&rates:

  1. CPM banners: 0.00001 BTC per 3000 views.
  2. CPC banners: 25 satoshi per 1 click.
  3. Popups: 8 satoshi per popup.
  4. PTC views: unique,10 sat/view resets every 24 hour(you can change this),user will view your website for 15 seconds.
  5. PTC+popup: 15 satoshi/view,user will be redirected to you website after he/she will click in submit button.

Minimum spend: 0.00005 BTC,10% bonus when spending 20k sat or more.

If you have any question/suggestion or want to advertise PM me on faucethub.io:https://faucethub.io/forum/members/view/54129462